Kodak Ektar

A Weekend in Arizona (on Kodak Ektar)

We are leaving for Japan tomorrow! I was debating on what film stock to use there so I tested my Leica M6 with a roll of Ektar 100 pushed +1. I was hoping that using Ektar will be closer to the digital Fujifilm look so that the flow between the two would be more natural. 

I'm on the fence if I like this look. The contrast and grain are a little too HDR-ish for my taste. I'm bringing Portra 400 instead. It gives me extra room for light. I'd guess the lighting in Tokyo and Kyoto will be about the same as here in MN and Switzerland which I think Portra does better with.

I loved the film photos in Switzerland last year taken with Portra 400 but the Italy ones were a bit underexposed although I couldn't remember if I used the wrong ISO or the wrong film (Portra 160 vs 400). Anyway, I trust Portra a little more than Ektar. I am also bringing a camera without a meter (Leica M3) and Portra seems more forgiving. 

Here are the photos from that test roll. I tried to get a good variety of colors (blues, reds, yellows, greens, etc) to see what Ektar does with them. I like that Ektar does not have a yellowish cast like Portra but the blues seem too contrasty. It is a pushed film, though.