Travel Artifacts

Hasselblad 500CM + Planar 80/2.8
Fujifilm X-T1 + XF 56/1.2

The Hasselblad I ordered from eBay months ago came with a broken mirror. I've tested it once and the focus seemed spot on. I loved the output so much that I decided to keep it. The eBay seller gave me $300 back that I could buy another body if I wanted to. It's a special edition body and I cannot part with it just yet. I super glued the mirror so it wouldn't move and testing now if focus is affected by the broken mirror. 

Since I also bought an extension tube, I wanted to try that, too. I didn't feel like going out so I just scavenged at home for things to photograph: travel souvenirs. Setting for the Hasselblad is at f 2.8 and 1/15 sec.

I also wanted to see how different the output would be using digital. I set my X-T1 at f 1.4 and 1/60 with my 56/1.2 lens.

While scanning, I realized that my depth of field is too shallow. I shouldn't have used the extension tube AND what was I thinking hand-holding at 1/15?!! Still, these kind of mistakes are what attracts me to film. It's a different experience and I love the process. I consider my imperfect images as a work in progress. It's a step forward to learning film.

The result? Needless to say, it's inconclusive. 

On Film

On Digital


Developing my own film in the basement is tedious. Like recipes and Ikea furniture, following steps and sticking to the rules for film developing are challenging for me. The water bath for the developer gets too hot and by the time I get to the Blix solution, it is not hot enough. Sometimes, I do not wait for the negatives  to dry enough leaving streaks on the scans. They also attract so many dust particles that my scans are always so speckled. I do not dev + scan rolls from important events or trips which probably explains my carelessness. I am really better off sending my film to a film lab than wasting precious time toiling in the basement and scanning in my she-shed (except for test rolls on Superia).

 I did find out that using auto-WB and auto-tone when importing in LR helps a lot in improving colors and tones. I am also starting to like ++ contrast which is probably what attracted me to Zeiss glass. The 3D pop can be replicated somewhat by increasing contrast. I also don't like flare and fade and I think I prefer the compression from a longer lens than using extension tubes to get closer. If only that Fuji lens is half the size ...