Switzerland on Color Film (Kodak Portra)

I hauled three cameras on our honeymoon last September (thanks to a supportive and understanding husband), 2 film cameras (Leica M6 and Hasselblad 500CM) and one digital (not including my iPhone). I used Kodak Portra for color and Kodak Tri-X for black and white. Click here for the black and white photos.

I looove the depth of film photographs. They are raw, evocative and layered. They speak to me more beautifully than flat digital photos. I did insert five digital photos to complement and complete the story, can you pick them out?


Day Trips to the Countryside

Hotel Villa Honegg


Travel Videos: Dogsledding in Ely and Trekking in Patagonia

My film cameras are sitting on the shelf right now. Photography has been pushed aside. It's been a busy few weeks as it gets closer to the wedding. I am leaving in about 10 days to the Philippines and still, so much to do! 

When it gets stressful, I turn to photography. Since I don't have free time to go out and take pictures, I love watching our travel highlights video from our past trips...

Here's our first trip together as a couple in Ely Minnesota. Such a fun trip in spite of the biting cold!

This is our last big trip before Dan and I get hitched! We went to Patagonia (Chilean and Argentine) in November. More than two years ago, I was contemplating on leaving to backpack my way through South America to see Patagonia then I met Dan... Priorities changed but Patagonia had always been in the back of my mind. Life is full of surprises! 

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