The Garden in July/August

The garden has been somewhat neglected because of our recent trip to Europe. I was gone for almost three weeks, not including the time preparing for the trip. I worked in the garden the second day I got back. The mosquitos were fierce and I sustained more than a dozen bites while trying to weed in 90 degree heat. That's the curse of the water features although, it makes up for the sight of the birds enjoying their birdbaths.

The garden will need a major revamp. I want to modify it with the least upkeep possible (if that's all possible). Gardens are a lot of work and gardening for the sole enjoyment of greenery and flowers seem reserved to the rich and retired. Younger generation mostly garden for food, with the continuing rise of organic farming.

I think this is my way of convincing myself that "hardcore" gardening is not possible with a full time job. There will never be enough time to get each weed and pest out and put everything in its "aesthetic" place. I have never been a Type A personality but sometimes, gardening seems to bring out a little bit of that in me. It is a constant reminder to find beauty and joy in imperfection.

Our vegetable garden was devoured and ransacked by critters.  The green beans, green onions and peppers were all gone when we got back. They were gnawed to the ground. The tomatoes were constantly plucked by squirrels before they ripen. That, or other  pests have already burred holes in them. We didn't get to enjoy any of the Bibb heads we got at the St. Paul farmers market, neither.

 We even had the plants fenced in but that did not stop them. Gardening is a lot of trial and error and this is just our first year. I harvested more veggies and herbs from our tiny balcony at our previous condo. It was safer from critters and got more sun. 

So, next up are some of next year's projects, improvements and problem areas that i will try to work on...