The Garden in June

Early June, the irises and orchids bloomed. It seemed like the flower show didn't last that long, about 10 days at most. It was short but how sweet!

These ones  have been around for a while.

I think the ex-owner planned the garden beds carefully according to when the plants bloom. I noticed a good succession of flowering for each bed, one after another. There are still two beds with buds and I have yet to figure out what kind of plants they are. Hopefully, there is something to look forward to until Fall. 

Here's Showy Lady Slipper's bud to flower sequence. It's done for the season and I can't wait for next year!

The foliage are like green flowers in their own right. Although, some of them are being eaten by pests, probably slugs. I have also been noticing a lot of webs under the ferns and on the ground and the pine mulch. I've been trying to power spray  twice a week . There are spiders under there but I've been seeing a lot of tiny red spider like insects, too.

The garden hosts a lot of insects. Hopefully, they're symbiotic and not detrimental to the plants. I would think, they'd be pretty resilient. If I were to worry too much about the pests and weeds, I might have to make gardening a full time job. It's time consuming and finding that balance of just the right amount of gardening and neglect with a healthy social life is crucial. I've even had horrible dreams about weeds and pests. That's when I realized I need to back off a little. 

The plants that started off as bulbs/root I bought from Amazon and shipped from the Netherlands sprung out quickly. Although, there is not enough sun coming through. I was hoping I could grow baby's breath and ranunculus but I think that is too much to ask for... The astilbe, however,  is doing well. It is a part shade perennial. I am planning to add more next planting season. The quick seed grass have come out, too.  I've been trying to fix the bald patches on the lawn.

My Japanese Maple is dying, though. I set it where the old Maple stump is that's now growing fungi.

My vegetable garden isn't growing that much. It's not getting enough sun. I've been reading Ken Druse's The Natural Shade Garden, old and new editions. Next year, I'll be more careful in picking the kind of plants I can grow. I am also going to try to change a few things in the garden to make things more defined and less work in the long run. 

Here are more quirks and features of the garden that I love... the stone lanterns, rocks and the water... the dead wood and the cowbells... etc.

There are also the nuisance droppings from the pine and birch that I used to constantly sweep from the ground and skim off the pond. Now, I am trying to be more relaxed about it, that my shade garden mimics nature and that forest woodlands don't have gardeners who are OCD about trying to keep things just tidy. That's what the rain and breeze are for... 

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack, a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen