Photo Journal// Week 38-41

The past four weeks have been quite out-of-the ordinary! I have just gotten engaged and planning a wedding with two wedding receptions in opposite sides of the world. With only less than 6 months away, I have been on a full wedding planning mode.

I am also part of the nurses' union who went on strike for almost 7 weeks total. It came to a bittersweet ending yesterday and I will be back to work on Monday. I can proudly say that I have kept my integrity all throughout and did not compromise my values and ideals in any way.

I have been actively looking for new career opportunities. I also started two volunteer jobs while on strike. I am a volunteer photographer for a parish nurses' non profit. I am also a nursing tutor at a non profit for immigrants and refugees.

With that said, I have not posted anything on here for 4 weeks! So, as life slowly goes back to normal, so do my routines...

Week 38

38. Magical light under the canopy of trees, Mt. Rainier.

Week 39

39. Pre-convocation, first volunteer photographer stint, MN

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.”
— Unknown, Fall 2016

Week 40

40. Walk in the park, Charles Lindbergh State Park

Week 41

41. First pumpkin I ever carved, iPhone snapshot, Saint Paul, MN